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Panel Discussion on Financial Inclusion and the Unbanked in India:



What is The India China America (ICA) Institute?

The India China and America (ICA) Institute is a non-profit organization, established to foster economic growth through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Inclusiveness within India, China and America (ICA) and Trade and Investment between these three economies.

Why India, China and America?

Of the world’s top ten economies, India, China and US:

In PPP terms, by 2015, it is projected that these three economies would become close to $42 trillion markets (US‐$18, China‐$17 & India $7). The sheer size & growth of these markets would present the world with a multitude of challenges and opportunities.

This is the new triad power (India, China and America) replacing the old triad power (Japan, Europe and USA). Unlike the old triad power, the new one is not likely to evolve as harmoniously because of the past ideologies of the countries involved (communist ideology of China, Socialist ideology of India and Capitalist ideology of America). Therefore, it needs an active catalyst like ICA Institute to create a harmonious relationship between business leaders, policy makers and the political processes to generate economic growth.

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