A New Currency of Chindia and Latin America?

Conceptually, replacement of Dollar does not necessarily imply creation of a new currency. However, if the dominance of Dollar can be questioned, which other existing currency are we talking about? Perhaps, if the Dollar will be replaced at all; it will be by a brand new currency. But is it really going to happen?

India’s Economic Integration with Asia

Speech by Mr Jairam Ramesh Minister of State for Commerce and Power Government of India
Briefing Theater I, Office Tower Block Asian Development Bank, Manila 24 November 2008

Invited Lecture delivered at the Asian Development Bank, Manila November 24th, 2008. Views do not necessarily reflect the views of Government of India. Comments of Shivshankar Menon, T.S. Tirumurthi and Srinivas Madhur on an earlier draft and inputs from Nagesh Kumar are gratefully acknowledged.