Xun Sun

Xun Sun

UX/UI Designer
American College of Surgeons
International Contributors Editorial Board Focus: Architecture Consultant

Hi, I am Xun [pron. “sh-u-in”].

I am a product designer, UX/UI designer, landscape architect, and urban planner with 10+ years of experience.

Originally trained as an architect, I gained deep appreciation for the design process, and learned to leverage analytical thinking and problem solving to deliver products to stakeholders. After working with a variety of clients from different industries, I’ve learned how to find the best balance in achieving design excellence that both meets users’ needs and achieves business goals. My product thinking mindset has been nurtured through working directly with the stakeholders to explore business vision while being an advocate for the users. Some of my clients include but are not limited to British oil and gas company, Chevron Corporation, American Family Insurance and OSF Healthcare.

I am a well-rounded team player with a proven track record of delivering well-crafted, meticulously detailed, and successfully implemented projects. I have worked in both small studios and corporate settings. I have created delightful user experiences in both physical and intangible spaces.

I bring ideas, analytical skills and artistic expressions together to create enjoyable experiences.

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