Report: Film Industry in China

Film industry in China is being considered as the ‘Sunrise industry’ and has been showing an outstanding growth from last few years. It’s being estimated by the experts that by the year 2020, China will have the largest film audience in the world. The entertainment...

Report: Film Industry in India

Indian cinema is one of most popular industries across the globe. The vividness and diversity of Indian culture is reflected in its movies too. The last few years, have proven to be a bliss for Indian film industry and through its variety film making ranging...

A New Currency of Chindia and Latin America?

Conceptually, replacement of Dollar does not necessarily imply creation of a new currency. However, if the dominance of Dollar can be questioned, which other existing currency are we talking about? Perhaps, if the Dollar will be replaced at all; it will be by a brand new currency. But is it really going to happen?