May 10, 2016

This Brave New World

India, China, and the United States
by: Anja Manuel

In the next decade and a half, China and India will become two of the world’s indispensable powers—whether they rise peacefully or not. In this case, Asia will surpass North America’s and Europe’s combined strength in socioeconomic transactions, population size, and military spending. Both countries will witness a severe rise that will challenge American supremacy and international relations worldwide.

The book involves Anja Manuel’s professional experience handling official relations and business trips to these countries. Anja Manuel escorts the reader on an intimate tour of the corridors of power in Delhi and Beijing.

The book offers insight into early influences on future leaders. We will be able to witness valuable things as they are transfused by Manuel’s deep knowledge of the region’s history and politics. She writes about significant schools of philosophy and religions, pointing out how Confucianism and Hinduism continue to shape politics today.

Dictators at War and Peace
Fateful Triangle