February 2020

Fateful Triangle

How China Shaped U.S.-India Relations During the Cold War 
by:  Tanvi Madan

In Fateful Triangle, Tanvi Madan argues that China’s influence on the U.S.-India relationship is neither a recent nor a momentary phenomenon. She can reassess the origins and practice of foreign policies for India, China, and America, thus providing historical context for the interactions between the three countries. An important question that arises in the minds of every political scientist is whether India and USA must develop a closer relationship to counter China’s desire to be a dominant power. Tanvi Madan finds that history shows such a partnership is neither impossible nor in the past; both countries have come together to deal with shared perceptions of an external threat from China.

Fateful Triangle offers insights for present and future policymakers on evolving India, China, and American relations and how the strategic geopolitical dimensions can change the dynamics between the three countries, which could have regional and global implications.

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