Vijay Nambiar

Ambassador Vijay Nambiar

Permanent Representative of India

United Nations

Ambassador is Secretary, National Security Council Secretariat, and Deputy National Security Adviser in the grade of Secretary to the Government of India. Prior to that, he was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations in New York from May 2002 to June 2004. Ambassador Nambiar has held a number of other important diplomatic assignments, including High Commissioner (Ambassadors to Commonwealth countries are designated High Commissioners) of India to Pakistan; Ambassador of India to China; High Commissioner of India to Malaysia; Ambassador of India to Afghanistan and Ambassador of India to Algeria; and Joint Secretary (East Asia) in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi dealing with China, Japan, ROK, DPRK and Mongolia. He was involved in the detailed preparations for Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s historic visit to China in December 1988 and was present at most of PMRG’s meetings with Chinese leaders.

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