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Strategic Sourcing in India, China & America

With the rapid rise of Globalization, the challenge of the Global Outsourcing today is not “Why and what” but “How to Outsource”. The theme today is “Let’s Do It Right the First Time”. The barriers to outsource are company’s own mind-set, local regulations, and robustness of their internal processes. Domain knowledge in many industries has gone fully global. Like-wise, New Product Development and R&D must be global to complete in emerging economies and to be able to tap into global talent to compete globally. Software Development and IT outsourcing can be virtually done from anywhere. Impact of Mobile technology and superior digital infrastructure are giving way to “Distributed IT”, making ‘homes’ as the future nodes of outsourcing factories. China and India have emerged as the major leaders in this industry due their capacity, talent pool and lower cost structure. The paper compares their strengths, challenges and growth potential based on the authors’ own hands-on experience of doing outsourcing in these countries for past 15 years.

Suresh Sharma

Suresh Sharma

Suresh Sharma is an internationally-acknowledged business leader known for his pragmatic vision and operational excellence. Co-author of the recently published book, Global OutsourcingGlobal Outsourcing: Executing an Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore Strategy, he is an expert on combining strategy, process maturity and globalization to drive sustainable business growth profitably.

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