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Corporate Value Creation and Acceleration through Organic and Inorganic Modalities

Corporations grow through organic and inorganic modalities. While in the early and growth stages, the corporations primarily grow organically. However, after the corporation enters the revenue scale up stage, it has the potential to leverage on a variety of inorganic growth spurts. The corporation may be a target for acquisition by a larger and growth hungry corporation.

Corporate acquisitions and M&A roll up are imminent when an industry is highly fragmented and waves of consolidation yield in a variety of corporate efficiencies in horizontal, vertical or other types of synergistic value creation. Value creation happens both organically and inorganically, and especially when its potentiality is fully realized by series of strategic acquisitions.

International high technology industries in India and China, Singapore and other parts of Asia have predominantly been focusing on service sectors in software development, business process outsourcing (BPO) and low cost manufacturing, while creating mostly fragmented plethora of small companies. At the same time, the legacy giants and conglomerates have coexisted in India providing software and BPO services to the world. International conglomerates from North America and Europe have especially leveraged on the technically educated English speaking and relatively cheaper labor populous of India. Many non-resident Indian (NRI) entrepreneurs have spearheaded this wave of unprecedented economic growth push, whereas the entrepreneurs and legacy conglomerates from India have created a complementary talent pull to propel International to one of the fastest growing economies of the world. China, on the other hand, has focused more on low cost manufacturing, similar to the way Japan and Singapore grew in the later decades of the 20th century.

The speaker will present his vision of imminent mergers, acquisitions and consolidations in India, as well as between India and USA, thus launching India into the orbit of world's super technological and economic powers. He will discuss a variety of ways Indian entrepreneurs and NRI entrepreneurs could be part of this upcoming wave of the strange combination of organic and inorganic corporate value creation.

The speaker will also address potentiality of the international M&A dynamics with respect to China, Korea and other countries.

The speaker will highlight a number of key factors that will drive industry consolidation, including the ability to gain economies of scale, access to Fortune 500 customers, talent cross fertilization, increased globalization of Indian companies, horizontal expansion of services and access to global investor resources and most importantly the IPO potential in the world's financial markets.

The attendees of this course / session will benefit from understanding and preparing their companies to plan for financial resources for growth, acquisition or exits.

Dr. KRS Murthy

Dr. KRS Murthy

Dr. Murthy is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, serial C level executive, inventive scientist, innovative engineer, leader in professional societies and public speaker. His passion encompasses singing, composing, acting, directing, costumes design, theatre make up, stage craft and design, background music, sound effects, lighting and colored powder painting. He has invented new paradigms in literature, music and theatre.

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