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Journal Articles

A Clashing Viewpoint Concerning India: A Critique of Goldman Sachs 2007 Report

Ashok K. Roy & Aniruddha Bagchi, Kennesaw State University

Articles from Indian Journal of Economics & Business
ICA Institute Sponsored Special Issue on India & China

Recent Lectures

Excerpts from the Address by Azim Premji, Founder-Wipro, at IIT Delhi's Convocation Ceremony

Azim Premji, Founder-Wipro

January 4, 2010

India's Economic Integration with Asia

Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State Commerce & Power, Government of India & ICA Institute Advisory Board Member

White Papers

Climate Change and Energy: Viewpoints from India, China, and America

Asha Hemrajani, Member of the International Contributors Editorial Board, The India China America Institute
November 2010

Globally Eminent Chinese Firms: Where are They?
Author: Dr. S.V. Char, ICA Institute Editor of Academic Resources
Brief paper presented at China Goes Global, Harvard University, October 9-10, 2008

10 Future Trends: Shaping the Chinese Residential Real Estate Market
Author: Prashant Das, ICA Institute Research Analyst
Year published: 2009

Roundtable Discussions

Comparing Education: The Paradox of the Chinese Student
Summary of ICA Institute Study Group held on October 15, 2005
Year published: 2005

Open Markets?: India, China and America Trade Issues
Summary of ICA Institute Study Group held on September 24, 2005
Year published: 2005

China's Rise, East Asian Regionalism and the U.S. Reaction
Summary of ICA Institute Study Group held on August 27, 2005
Year published: 2005

India: The Path to a Market-Driven Economy
Summary of ICA Institute Study Group held on April 30, 2005
Year published: 2005

2004 Year in Review: Legal Developments in the People's Republic of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
A comprehensive review of legal developments that occurred in China in 2004.
Author: Michael E. Burke
Year Published: 2005

An Annotated Bibliography of Articles, Books and Papers Concerning Relationships Between India, China and the U.S.
A list of hundreds of publications related to the bilateral and trilateral relationships of India, China and the U.S.
Author: ICAI researchers
Year Published: 2004

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