In his 2006 State of the Union message, President George W. Bush called upon the U.S. to bolster mathematics and science education and to nurture corporate innovation. In the same month, Chinese President Hu Jintao outlined major strategic tasks for building an innovation-oriented society. And Atul Khekade, COO of India’s BrainReactions LLC, asked in a widely read news source if his country will become “India, the next innovation giant?”

Innovation and education are two of the most important topics in today’s world, especially in the context of the India-China-America dynamic. All three countries are looking to these fields as ways to achieve national growth and competitiveness.

Participants in this conference will explore the following questions:

(1) What are the best educational strategies to promote creativity and foster innovation?

(2) What actions in each of the three nations would further advance education for innovation and the adoption of innovative procedures and products?

(3) What should be done to maximize synergies in the technology, health and education communities to foster innovation in each of the three countries.

(4) What opportunities for cooperation and collaboration would enhance innovation among the three nations to their mutual benefit?