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Prof. Wang Guoxing

Executive Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow, Pudong Institute for the U.S. Economy, Pudong Academy of Development

Wang Guoxing Dr. Wang Guoxing is the Executive Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow at Pudong Institute for the U.S. economy, a subsidiary of Pudong Academy of Develoment. Prior to that, he was Executive Deputy Director and Research Fellow at the Shanghai Research Center for the Yangtse River International Economic Cooperation, a subsidiary of Fudan Development Institute (1994-1997). He was also an Associate Professor at Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (1984-1994). Dr. Wang’s publications include Congress and Sino-US Relations: Cases and Analyses (Shi Shi Publish, 2004), Report on the Pudong Development (2002) (Shanghai: Shanghai Academy of Social Science Press, 2002), and The Report on Foreign Direct Investment in China (2000) (Beijing: China Financial & Economic Publishing House, 2001).

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