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Dr. Pamila Dembla

Executive Director, ICA Institute

Dr. Pamila Dembla Dr. Pamila Dembla is the Director of the India China America Institute. Dr. Dembla has spearheaded a number of initiatives in India which have resulted in significant partnerships in business education and corporate trainings. She has previously held positions at University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Dembla is Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Coles College of Business. She has acted as a consultant to a number of startup technology firms and non-profit organizations. She has a number of state department grants including Model UN exchange programs and an NSF grant totaling approximately $1 million. She is a certified TMC Cultural Orientation Approach (COA) Corporate Practitioner and her interests lie in training global organizations in intercultural competency.

Her research interests include working on cross cultural issues related to global IT projects, specifically with respect to gender. To that effect, her research extends across many cultures including the United States, India, Russia, Ukraine and Mexico.

She has published papers in several journals, including Journal of Global Information Technology Management, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Journal of Information Science and Technology, Journal of Information Systems Research and Communications of Global Information Technology. Dr. Dembla has also published many book chapters and presented at multiple regional, national, and international information systems conferences.

Dr. Dembla may be contacted at 470.578.2319 or by email:

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