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Dr. Dan Steinbock

Research Director of International Business

Dan Steinbock Based in New York City, Dr. Dan Steinbock is Affiliate Researcher at Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI), Research Director of International Business at the India, China and America Institute, member of the FAME Faculty (Forum to Advance Mobile Experience) by the CMO Council, representing chief marketing officers in America’s 1,500 leading tech companies. He consults for international organizations (incl. OECD, European Commission), multinationals (incl. Intel, Nokia, Ericsson,), and other major ICT/telecom companies (incl. Perlos, Telecom Italia, Tieto-Enator). He is also Visiting Professor at Helsinki School of Economics (International Business Department), and the Director of the New York office of Academy of Finland.

A senior Fulbright scholar, Dr. Steinbock has taught in the executive education programs of Columbia Graduate School of Business and Stern School of Business (New York University). At Helsinki School of Economics, he has developed several CEMS (Community of European Management School) courses. These began in 1996 with a pioneering virtual videoconferencing initiative, with Intel Corp. At the HSE, he is conducting Prof. Michael E. Porter’s cluster course in cooperation with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Steinbock’s research focuses on strategy and marketing. His studies extend from clusters and innovation to globalization and various ICT industries, particularly mobile communications. His most recent book is The Mobile Revolution: The Making of Mobile Services Worldwide (Kogan Page, 2005). Other works include Globalization of the Finnish ICT Cluster (2004), Competition for the Mobile Internet (2003), with Professor Eli Noam, Wireless Horizon (2002), The Nokia Revolution (2001), The Birth of Internet Marketing Communications (2000), Finland’s Competitive Advantage (1997). The Mobile Revolution and The Nokia Revolution resulted in several international editions.

Mr Steinbock is on the INSIDE 1to1 Editorial Research Board (Peppers and Rogers Group), INFO, and Communications Booknotes Quarterly (CBR). He recently joined the panel of the FORTUNE Business Leader Council. Members of the Council are asked important questions that will deepen understanding of the relevant issues for today's business executivesHis journal articles have been published by European Business Forum, Telecommunications Policy, INFO, International Journal of Media Management, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, The National Interest. His features and columns have been published in the United States (Design Management Review), the UK (Permissions Marketing, AdMap, Customer Management), Europe (European Business, Nordic Reach), Asia (South China Morning Post, Media Asia, Saigon Times), the Middle East (Middle East Times) and Africa (African Business).

In the United States, Mr Steinbock has been interviewed by leading press (New York Times, Wall Street Journal), wire services (AP, Reuters, UPI), media (ABC, CNBC, CNET, CNNfn, PBS), news magazines (Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Wired), and investor journals (Individual Investor’s Daily, Institutional Investors Magazine). His books have been reviewed and/or commented worldwide.

Dr. Steinbock can be reached at dsteinbock@gmail.com or (917) 892-6959.

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